I’m Embarrassed to Smile

Smile For Selfies With Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Jacksonville

Thanks to smartphones, you can post and share selfies with family and friends at any time – assuming you’re happy with your appearance. If you’re shunning selfies because you aren’t satisfied with your smile, let our Jacksonville, TX dentists transform your appearance with cosmetic dental treatments.

Whether your teeth are dingy, crooked, or chipped, you can get a treatment here to fix your flaws and make you feel great about your smile. Call 903-730-6374 to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

Brighten Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

The cosmetic dental treatments you can get at All Smiles include:

  • Dental veneers. These thin pieces of high-quality porcelain are often called “instant orthodontics” because you can get them in as few as two short visits to our office. They can conceal multiple flaws like chips, stains, or slight misalignment.
  • Invisalign. This alternative to traditional braces straightens your teeth without metal wires or brackets. Most people also find it more comfortable and convenient than metal braces.
  • Teeth whitening. You can choose from a whitening treatment in our office for quick results or a convenient at-home kit for more gradual brightening.

Restorative Treatments Also Beautify Your Smile

If you’re embarrassed about your smile because of cavities or missing teeth, our dentists can use restorative treatments to repair the damage and protect your teeth – while also making them look great. We use tooth-colored composite, not metal, for fillings so they match your smile. We can fix severely decayed teeth with a same-day crown.

Your choices for replacing missing teeth include:

  • Dental implants. Implants can replace anywhere from a single missing tooth to an entire mouthful. You can get the entire process, from placement to restoration, done in our office.
  • Dental bridge. A bridge can replace several missing teeth. We can anchor it to your own teeth or to dental implants.
  • Dentures. To keep your jaw strong and healthy, you can get dentures attached to dental implants.

With our cosmetic dental treatments, you won’t feel embarrassed to smile! Call All Smiles at 903-730-6374 for a consultation with one of our Jacksonville, TX cosmetic dentists.