Protect Your Smile With Tooth Removal/Extractions

At All Smiles in Jacksonville, we know that tooth removal, also known as dental extraction, can not only be beneficial to a patient’s oral health – in some cases, it can be crucial.

Why do teeth sometimes need to be removed?

There are five main reasons for extraction: Impaction, significant decay, trauma, gum/periodontal disease, or overcrowding.

What are the advantages of tooth removal/extractions?

In addition to the fact that this procedure can relieve pain caused by significant decay, injury, impaction, and more, it can also improve your tooth alignment, promote better oral health, and prevent the spread of any existing infection to nearby teeth.

Who can benefit from tooth removal/extractions?

Tooth removal may be necessary for patients with significant decay, infection, or dental trauma that can’t be otherwise treated or restored. If a tooth is impacted or overcrowding is a concern, extraction may also be required.

What is the recovery process like?

Recovery time depends on the patient but, generally, it takes two to three weeks for a full recovery. It’s important that you follow our guidelines and aftercare instructions to ensure that the healing process is effective and complete.

If you suspect you may need or benefit from tooth extraction, contact All Smiles in Jacksonville today to learn more. Our dedicated team is here to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life!

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