Get Your Oral Function Back With Dentures in Jacksonville, TX

If you have lost many teeth or even all of your teeth, you can get your smile back with natural-looking dentures. Even more important, you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods in comfort again!

At our Jacksonville, TX dentist office, you can choose:

  • Removable complete or partial dentures, which are affordable and restore your smile and chewing ability without invasive treatment.
  • Implant dentures, which are anchored by dental implants for the best fit, aesthetics, comfort, and longevity.

Call 903-730-6374 to schedule a free consultation! Our dentists will work with you to determine which types of dentures will work best for you. With several different choices made from high-quality materials, you’ll find one that is right for your lifestyle and budget.

We Offer Multiple Teeth Replacement Options

To replace your missing or damaged teeth, you can choose:

  • Full dentures for when all your teeth are missing. They can be either removable (normally require adhesive to stay in place) or fixed. Either way, we use high-quality materials so they look and feel like real teeth.
  • Partial dentures work well if you have some natural teeth remaining. They can be removable or fixed as well. Removable partials for the upper teeth snap into place, usually without adhesive. Partial dentures can also be fixed in place by dental crowns; these are also called fixed bridges.

For Ultimate Performance, Try Implant Dentures

For ultimate comfort and stability, you can choose implant dentures. Because they are securely anchored by dental implants, you won’t need adhesive to keep them in place. They’ll never slip or come off, and you can eat the foods you love! In addition, because implants stimulate your jaw like real tooth roots, you won’t experience bone loss. Implants can be used with either full dentures or partial dentures.

To schedule your free consultation for dentures with Dr. Larry Folden or one of our other Jacksonville, TX dentists, call 903-730-6374. Our office is located at 2110 East Rusk, near Toby Lane.