Wisdom Teeth Removal

Choose Our Trusted Dentists for Your Jacksonville Wisdom Teeth Removal

You may not hesitate to have our Jacksonville, TX dentists extract a tooth, but what about wisdom teeth removal, which usually involves extracting four teeth? You don’t have to visit an unknown specialist for the procedure. You can get it done by a dentist you trust in an office where you feel comfortable.

As with any tooth extraction here, you’ll benefit from:

  • The expertise of our dentists. With credentials like Dr. Larry Folden’s Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, we are well-equipped to perform the procedure.
  • Advanced technology. Our dentists use 3D X-rays to get a detailed view of your teeth and the underlying nerve and bone structure. It makes us aware of possible complications such as impacted wisdom teeth before your procedure begins.
  • Dental sedation. If you need help relaxing (aside from our TVs, blankets, and pillows), you can have one of two forms of sedation.

Not sure what is going on with your wisdom teeth? Call All Smiles at 903-730-6374 to schedule an exam.

3D X-rays Tell Us What We Need to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are painful, that may be a sign they need to be removed. However, there often are no obvious signals of problems like crowding or impaction (inability to break through the gums because they are being blocked by other teeth). Using our 3D X-rays, our dentists can see exactly what is going on in your mouth. The X-rays are also quick and comfortable for you and emit less radiation than traditional X-rays. We’ll look for potential signs of trouble not just with surrounding teeth but with your gums and sinuses too.

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, it often makes sense to be proactive. Call All Smiles at 903-730-6374 for a thorough exam including 3D X-rays. We’ll help you make the right decision for your wisdom teeth! We serve Jacksonville, TX and nearby communities like Rusk and Reklaw.