Dental Emergencies

Our Dentists See You ASAP for Dental Emergencies in Jacksonville, TX

Dental care isn’t a race. In fact, slow and steady is the right speed for services such as dental exams and cleanings. That said, our Jacksonville, TX dentists will likely want to see you right away for dental emergencies. Whether it’s a broken tooth or damaged dentures, they make their best effort to see you the same day in an emergency. With three dentists and Friday hours it’s often possible!

Many emergencies happen outside regular business hours. If you call after hours, you’ll get access to contact information for one of our doctors who can advise you on the best way to proceed.

We use dental technology, like our 3D X-rays, to assess your situation and quickly determine the right treatment. If you’re in pain, you’ll get anesthesia ASAP so your treatment isn’t painful. You can also get dental sedation if you need it. TVs, pillows, and blankets in our care rooms will help you relax, too.

Got an emergency? Call 903-730-6374.

Get Treatments for Common Emergencies

If you come in for some common emergencies, you may get these treatments:

  • Toothache. If an abscessed tooth is causing the toothache our dentists can perform a root canal to remove the infection and save your tooth. If the tooth is too far gone to save, you can have it gently extracted. If dental decay is the problem, you can get relief with a tooth filling or dental crown.
  • Cracked or broken tooth. A dental crown can often fix a cracked or broken tooth. With our CEREC technology, our dentists can make your crown right in our office so you’ll get it in a single day.
  • Damaged denture. Depending on the extent of the damage, our dentists may be able to repair it. If not, they can work with an outside lab to fast-track a fix. They can also adjust or reline your dentures to eliminate discomfort due to a bad fit.

To see our Jacksonville, TX dentists in a dental emergency call All Smiles at 903-730-6374. In addition to Jacksonville, TX, our patients come from nearby communities in Cherokee County and Smith County, TX.

Call Us for Effective Care for Your Dental Emergency in Jacksonville

Dental emergencies never happen at a convenient time, and when you need fast and effective care, you can count on the team at All Smiles Dental Family. We assist with emergencies such as broken or knocked out teeth, broken dentures and injuries to the mouth and gums. If you have a dental emergency in Jacksonville, call our team today at (903) 730-6374.