Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

At All Smiles in Jacksonville, we know that teeth whitening can be a great way to improve the appearance of your smile. This quick and convenient method not only helps patients achieve brighter, whiter teeth, but it can take years off the look of your smile, as well.

What’s involved with teeth whitening treatment?

The process starts with a consultation and evaluation of your teeth to determine if the procedure is right for you. Once this is established, our dental professional will apply a potent bleaching agent to the surface of your teeth, which will help break down stubborn stains from coffee, tea, tobacco, aging, medications, and more. After the initial application, it may be necessary to reapply the material to achieve your desired level of whiteness.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening improves your confidence and allows you to make a positive first impression. It also reduces yellowing, discoloration, and stains, and makes your smile look younger, brighter, and more confident.

Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is safe for most people, but those with periodontal disease or tooth decay should consult our dentist before considering the procedure. People with crowns, bridges, veneers, and fillings in their most noticeable teeth may not be suitable candidates for whitening due to these materials not responding to the bleaching agents.

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