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  • How Does Invisalign Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    A straight smile can make a world of difference in your confidence, and even in the health of your teeth. If you’ve been thinking about orthodontic treatment but balk at the idea of a mouthful of metal, it’s time to consider Invisalign®. This game-changing treatment was developed by an adult orthodontics patient who wanted to […]

  • Regain Dental Function And Confidence With Dental Implants

    Missing teeth can be a burden. They can make it difficult or even painful to chew. Smiling and laughing during family get-togethers can be embarrassing. If you’re tired of having gaps in your smile, it’s time to consider teeth replacement options. And when it comes to replacing teeth, you can’t go wrong with dental implants. A […]

  • 3 Common Dental Emergencies [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Toothaches and dental trauma don’t always happen during normal business hours. That’s why at All Smiles, we strive to provide high-quality care even in the midst of a dental emergency. Take a look at this infographic for three common dental emergencies we can address in our Jacksonville, TX office, as well as what you can […]

  • Experience The Convenience Of Same-Day Dental Crowns

    If you need a dental crown this holiday season, the last thing you want is to have to worry about is an awkward temporary crown while your permanent restoration is made. “Temporaries” can fall out at inconvenient times, like your workplace holiday luncheon or your annual family get-together. But here’s some good news. At All […]

  • Repair Your Smile With A Same-Day Dental Crown [INFOGRAPHIC]

    A dental crown can do wonders for your smile, whether you’ve broken a tooth or want to fix a cosmetic imperfection. And at All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX, you can get a dental crown in just one visit! Thanks to our state-of-the-art CEREC milling device, you won’t have to wait weeks for your restoration to […]

  • Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

    A missing tooth can be as inconvenient as it is embarrassing. Chewing becomes a chore — or even painful — and speaking becomes unsettling. You might be hesitant to laugh or smile in public. Replacing your missing teeth can be the key to restoring your dental health and function, as well as your confidence! And […]

  • 5 Ways Invisalign Is Better Than Traditional Braces

    If you’re looking for a straighter smile fast, Invisalign® offers an alternative to traditional braces that will fit your busy lifestyle. Invisalign, a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners, is an easy way to correct mild to moderate teeth and bite misalignment issues. And in many cases, the full course of treatment is only 12 […]

  • Don’t Delay, Get Your Dental Crown In One Day

    There are a lot of reasons that people get dental crowns. You could have a broken or cracked tooth. You could have a large cavity or a tooth that has become weak after fillings have been replaced multiple times. You could have a discolored tooth or a misshapen tooth that stands out rather than blending […]

  • 3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Life [infographic]

    If you have misshapen or yellow teeth, you’re probably too embarrassed to smile. You want to fix your bad teeth. But you don’t know how! This isn’t something that can be improved with brushing and flossing. You need someone in Jacksonville, TX, who can restore your smile. That’s where All Smiles comes in. We know […]

  • Beat The Rush: Make Over Your Smile Now

    As back-to-school activities for your kids have died down, it’s time to focus on yourself. You spent the summer playing with the kids and organizing vacations, and in a few months, you’ll be swept up in holiday parties and shopping. Pretty much everyone in Jacksonville, TX wants a Hollywood smile. And a lot of folks […]

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