A Bright Smile Is a Confident Smile

Confidence is the key. Whatever you want out of life, a strong dose of healthy self-confidence will pave the way to getting it. Some people just seem to exude confidence naturally. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but something about them makes them seem as if they are in charge of their lives and moving quickly down the road to success. It’s their smile. Nothing says confidence like ...

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Know What to do in a Dental Emergency

Just like any sort of emergency, a dental emergency will strike whenever and however. There’s no way to know when it will hit. You simply have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! As we are speaking with your patients about dental emergencies, we find that most patients are already prepared for other types of emergencies: first aid, fire extinguishers, etc. A dental emergency ...

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A Guide to Replacing Adult Teeth

Here in Jacksonville, TX, we learn from an early age that when you fail, you should try, try again! Never give up, and keep fighting back to reach your goals. This a great mentality, but we often forget that there are something things that you only get one shot at. Take your healthy adult smile, for example. If you fail to keep your smile healthy the first time around, you don’t get another ...

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The Secrets of Great Adult Orthodontics

Getting the smile of your dreams isn’t always easy! There are times when it seems like your smile goals are just too far out of reach. Many of our patients in Jacksonville, TX feel that way! We see them every day, and we love being able to assure them that there is hope with the powerful Invisalign orthodontic treatment for adults! For adult patients who are in need of orthodontics, we know ...

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Giving Great Dental Care to Families

Looking for a great family dentist in Jacksonville, TX? Look no further than All Smiles! We offer quality care for every smile in your family, starting with the little ones and moving all the way up to those who have retired! We have dental solutions for just about any problem that could occur! If we don’t have the solution here in our office, we will make sure you have a reputable referral ...

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CEREC Technology Saves Teeth!

Our society is always hearing about the next best thing. We constantly have technology thrown at us and way to improve our lives with machines and gadgets. Some of this is fantastic and truly helpful while others we could have done without! Believe it or not, this movement has moved into the dental office as well. We are always evaluating the available technology and investing in the pieces ...

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Ending the Fear Cycle

Dental fear and anxiety is something that we all experience in some form or another. For most of us, we experience some butterflies in our stomach or an increased heart rate, but we still go to the office and get our work done regularly. For others, the fear is much more serious and keeps patients from coming to the office altogether. They will only come if they are in a lot of pain. This group ...

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Allow CEREC to Protect You From This Situation

We love our CEREC machine here at All Smiles, but some of our patients don’t quite understand the importance of having that technology available to them right here in the office. For some, it’s just a cool toy that we like to play with, but it’s actually much more than that. CEREC can save you a lot of time and money, and we have a true story to help you see the power of CEREC. A woman ...

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Diabetes’ Relationship With Oral Health

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, which is a big deal for us here at the office. Not only do we have loved ones affected by this condition, but we understand the relationship between having diabetes and your oral health. There is a definite connection, and we would love to take some time to look at that connection and what you can do to protect yourself from the oral health side-effects often ...

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Five Halitosis-Busting Moves

We all have moments of bad breath after eating a potent meal or forgetting to brush our pearly whites, but some people live with bad breath day after day. There can be many causes for this, but it often comes down to bacteria building up in your mouth. Halitosis care often begins with taking care of the bacteria. Below are five things you can do at home to beat halitosis. Keep Water at Hand - ...

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