Brighten Your Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening (video)

With the arrival of spring, many folks start paying more attention to their appearance. You might hit the gym a little more regularly or even get in some early work on a tan. Spring is also a great time to brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening! It’s one of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dental treatments we offer in our Jacksonville, TX dentist office. We use the ...

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How to Choose the Right Replacement Teeth

Few smile repairs are as dramatic as replacing a missing tooth or teeth. In addition to improving your appearance, replacement teeth will also affect how your smile feels and functions. And they will help prevent the dental damage that can result from a missing tooth, such as shrinkage of your jawbone. Our Jacksonville, TX dentists know it’s an important decision. We want you to have as ...

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Repair Your Tooth In One Day With Same-Day Dental Crowns [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you damage a tooth, the last thing you want is to wait weeks to get it repaired with a permanent dental restoration. At many dental practices, dentists outsource fabrication of dental crowns to an off-site lab, and it can take weeks or longer to restore the health and appearance of your tooth. But at All Smiles, we eliminate the wait with same-day dental crowns! In just one visit, we can ...

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Dozing Off Behind The Wheel? Time To Test For Sleep Apnea

If you’ve ever dozed off at the wheel, it can be a terrifying experience. But what causes people to fall asleep while driving? It could be the monotony of highway driving or long travel times, but there’s something else that could be to blame: obstructive sleep apnea. It’s estimated that millions of Americans are living with undiagnosed and unmanaged obstructive sleep apnea, a condition ...

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Our Dedication To Patient Comfort [VIDEO]

We know that for a lot of people, going to the dentist is a stressful event. That’s why at All Smiles, we strive every day to create an environment where our patients feel comforted and cared for. When you come to our Jacksonville, TX office, you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff, warm beverages, and even cookies! And when it’s time for your appointment, you’ll be able to enjoy ...

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5 Ways To Love Your Smile This Valentine’s Day

Increasingly, people all across the country have been touting the virtues of self-care — taking a little time to decompress and show yourself some love. And many people, regardless of whether they’re coupled or single, will be using Valentine’s Day to celebrate themselves and be responsive to their own needs. If you’re in that boat, why not show your smile a little love this Feb. 14? ...

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How Does Invisalign Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A straight smile can make a world of difference in your confidence, and even in the health of your teeth. If you’ve been thinking about orthodontic treatment but balk at the idea of a mouthful of metal, it’s time to consider Invisalign®. This game-changing treatment was developed by an adult orthodontics patient who wanted to create a way to fix crooked teeth without metal braces or ...

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Regain Dental Function And Confidence With Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be a burden. They can make it difficult or even painful to chew. Smiling and laughing during family get-togethers can be embarrassing. If you’re tired of having gaps in your smile, it’s time to consider teeth replacement options. And when it comes to replacing teeth, you can’t go wrong with dental implants. A dental implant allows you to replace the entire tooth — ...

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3 Common Dental Emergencies [INFOGRAPHIC]

Toothaches and dental trauma don’t always happen during normal business hours. That’s why at All Smiles, we strive to provide high-quality care even in the midst of a dental emergency. Take a look at this infographic for three common dental emergencies we can address in our Jacksonville, TX office, as well as what you can do to manage the situation until you can see us. Then, keep ...

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Experience The Convenience Of Same-Day Dental Crowns

If you need a dental crown this holiday season, the last thing you want is to have to worry about is an awkward temporary crown while your permanent restoration is made. “Temporaries” can fall out at inconvenient times, like your workplace holiday luncheon or your annual family get-together. But here’s some good news. At All Smiles, we’ve eliminated the need for a temporary crown by ...

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