I’m Having a Hard Time Chewing

Get Your Bite Back With Restorative Dental Treatments in Jacksonville

Chewing problems due to damaged or missing teeth can happen to anyone. These issues make it difficult, or even impossible, for you to eat the food you love. If you’re ready to get back to a regular diet, it’s time to see your Jacksonville, TX dentists for restorative dental treatments.

We can restore your chewing ability and bring back your confidence with a wide range of treatments, including same-day dental crowns. Your choices include:

  • Tooth fillings. Our restorative dentists use fillings made of tooth-colored composite for a completely natural look.
  • Root canals. You can trust our experienced dentists to perform your root canal, relieving your pain and saving a tooth threatened by infection.
  • Dental crowns. A crown can repair many kinds of dental damage, including breaks or cracks. You can get your crown in a single day, thanks to our sophisticated CEREC technology.

You can get tooth replacements, too, including a dental bridge, dental implants, or dentures. To get your chewing power – and your smile – back, call 903-730-6374.

Bring Back Your Bite Power in Just one Day

All Smiles is one of the few dental practices in the area using the breakthrough CEREC system to create same-day crowns, fillings, and veneers. The CEREC system uses CAD/CAM software and an in-office milling machine for designing and placing restorations in one visit. Imagine visiting us in the morning and leaving a few hours later with a brand-new dental restoration! CEREC restorations save you time and money and keep your favorite foods on the menu.

Choose From Multiple Tooth Replacement Options

Your restorative dental options for teeth replacement include:

  • dental bridge to replace a single tooth or a few teeth. With CEREC, it’s possible to get a bridge in a single day.
  • Dentures, either a partial to replace multiple teeth or full dentures to take the place of an entire mouthful of teeth.

For added security and a bite nearly as strong as your own, your Jacksonville, TX dentists can attach your bridge or your dentures to dental implants. Consultations are free for both dental implants and dentures!

End your chewing problems with restorative dental treatments! Call at 903-730-6374 to schedule an appointment at All Smiles.