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Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital Dental X-Rays in Jacksonville, TX

X-rays are a crucial part of dentistry. Without X-ray images, our Jacksonville, TX dentists will not be able to detect and treat problems invisible to the naked eye. This includes early tooth decay, tiny cavities, gum disease and abnormal growths. X-ray imaging has prevented dental disease and saved countless teeth. Today, modern digital dental X-rays have made dental imaging even safer and more accurate.

What are Digital X-rays?

Conventional dental X-ray machines take pictures using a photographic film that needed to be “developed,” just like pictures taken with a film camera. Digital X-ray machines use a small sensor to take pictures digitally. This means that the image is instantly available on a monitor or computer screen. There’s no chemical processing, so doctors and patients can view the images as soon as they are taken.

Besides faster imaging, digital X-rays also produce very little radiation, up to 90% less radiation than conventional teeth X-rays! It’s the safest imaging method available today. At All Smiles, film/digital X-rays and CT scans are not ordered indiscriminately. They are only used if the benefits far outweigh the small radiation risk.

Other benefits of digital X-rays:

No toxic chemicals. There are no pictures to develop or toxic chemicals required for processing—kinder to you and to the environment.

Enhanced images. Digital Teeth X-rays images can be enlarged, enhanced and manipulated for emphasis. The contrast and sharpness can be adjusted to reveal more information than conventional radiographs. You can also view digital X-rays side by side for comparison.

Easy storage. Like any digital file, digital dental x-rays can be sent via email, stored in the cloud or in a local hard drive. You can also make copies easily.

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