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Dental Emergency

Dental Emergencies in Jacksonville, TX

It’s great to have someone to turn to when dental emergencies strike. Your Jacksonville, TX dentists at All Smiles can provide emergency dental services and care for patients who need urgent attention. It can be severe toothache, a lost tooth or filling, bleeding in the mouth or a broken jaw. Call us right away so we can relieve pain and prepare you for any additional procedures.

What to Do on the Way to the Dentist

The sooner you see Dr. Folden or Dr. Westbrook, the better. Postponing treatment can lead to complications and more serious problems. If you can’t go to the dentist immediately or you’re on your way there, here are some first aid tips to relieve discomfort:

Pain and Severe Toothache

Most people go to an emergency dentist for pain. Pain in the mouth can be caused by trauma, a deep infection, a large cavity, a broken tooth, or an impacted wisdom tooth. Soft-tissue injury can also cause pain. Take an over-the-counter painkiller like Advil or Motrin (don’t take aspirin as it can make bleeding worse) to relieve pain. Gargling with warm water or mouth wash may also help with toothache.

Lost or Broken Tooth

Go to the dentist right away if your tooth is knocked out or broken. Find the lost tooth or broken part (hold it by the crown, not the root) and rinse it gently under running water. Place the tooth back in the socket and hold it there with a clean cloth or gauze pad, or place the tooth in a small container filled with milk or saliva.

Bleeding and Swelling

Sit up and tilt your head forward with the chin down. Remove any objects that can be removed (including jewelry in the mouth). Apply direct, firm pressure on the area with a cotton pad or moist tea bag to help stop bleeding.

For life-threatening dental emergencies and urgent dental attention, call us at 903-625-9297 to make an appointment with our Jacksonville, TX dentists.

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