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I Can’t Eat the Food I Love

Chewing problems and bad or missing teeth can happen to anyone, whether you’re 10 or 100. These issues can make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to chew properly and because of it, you can’t eat the food you love. If you’re tired of boring, soft foods and a restricted diet, it’s time to see your Jacksonville, TX dentists. Dr. Folden and Dr. Westbrook can restore your chewing ability and bring back confidence with a wide range of treatments, including same-day restorations and teeth replacement (bridges, dentures, and implants).

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Dr. Folden and Dr. Westbrook are two of the few dentists in the area using the breakthrough CEREC system to create same-day crowns, fillings, and veneers. The CEREC system features CAD/CAM and an in-office milling machine for designing and placing restorations in ONE visit. Imagine visiting us in the morning and leaving a few hours later with brand new, permanent replacement teeth! CEREC restorations save you time and money and restore your chewing ability immediately.


For one or two missing teeth, Dr. Folden and Dr. Westbrook may recommend a bridge to fill the space left by the missing tooth. A typical dental bridge consists of at least three crowns: two crowns capped over teeth on either side of the space, and one crown to replace the missing tooth.


Removable dentures replace several missing teeth or all of your teeth. They sit on the gums and are secured by metal attachments or denture adhesives. If you can’t chew properly because of poor-fitting dentures, Dr. Folden and Dr. Westbrook can adjust or replace the denture for better fit and comfort.

Dental Implants

Your Jacksonville, TX dentists also offer dental implants to replace missing teeth or stabilize a complete denture. Implants are ideal if you’re looking for ultimate fit, function, comfort, and aesthetics.

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