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How do you convince a kid that something good for them, but boring, can be fun and exciting? You make it fun and exciting. Taking care of your teeth and gums may be tedious and unexciting, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your health. So, if you want to make dental care fun for your kids, combine it with things that are fun.

At All Smiles, right here in Jacksonville, TX, we know that getting your kids to take care of their teeth is a challenge, but it is a worthy one. If you can get your kids excited about brushing now, then they’ll develop a oral hygiene routine that they will carry into adulthood.

Here are some ideas about how to make brushing more fun for our kids.

Simon Says!

One of the best ways to get your kids excited about brushing is to make it a game. Simon Says is the perfect game to teach healthy dental care routines because you can use the game to direct your children’s brushing technique.

Simon says brush your front teeth. Simon says brush your back teeth. Simon says brush your tongue. Now, spit!

I didn’t say Simon says.

Animal Charades!

Another fun game that can get your kids into brushing is Animal Charades. Have your kids pretend to be one of their favorite animals as they brush their teeth, while you try to guess what it is. And when you get it right, it’s your turn.

For a fun variation of this game, you can choose the animal and have your kids act out how that animal brushes its teeth. Make sure to pay attention to how your kids are brushing. Its fun to act silly, and doing so will make them more excited about brushing, but you want to make sure they are getting those back teeth.

Music Party!

There is no better way to make brushing fun than to bring the jams. Brushing is a rhythmic activity, so you might as well put a beat to it. Pick a mid-tempo song, and your kids can brush in time to the music.

One of the great benefits to having your kids brush along to music is that it works as a timer. Start a song that’s a couple of minutes long and tell your kids to stop brushing when the song is over.

Just make sure this music party doesn’t get too wild. It could get dangerous if your kids start dancing with toothbrushes in their mouths.

Make Brush Time into Storytime!

Here is an opportunity to establish two healthy habits in your children, oral hygiene and a love of reading. Whenever it’s time for your kids to brush their teeth, find a book they love and read it to them. Not only is this healthy and enriching for your children, it’s a time saver for you. They don’t actually have to be in bed to get a bedtime story, so no need to wait for them to finish brushing, read to them while they are brushing. This both you and they will be in bed sooner.

Another effective technique is to read a chapter from a longer story each night while your kids brush. This will reinforce the routine of oral hygiene by giving your kids something to look forward to when they brush. They may not understand the importance of brushing every night, but they understand that if they want get the next chapter of their story, then they better grab their toothbrushes.

Dental Care Is Family Fun!

You can use any one of these techniques, or try a combination, but no matter what you, you’ll find better results if you get the whole family involved. Your kids will model their habits off of what they see you do, show them the importance of healthy oral hygiene, and they’ll follow suit.

Plus, everything is just more fun if more family members are involved. So, crank up the Taylor Swift and brush like a gorilla because your kids are going to be begging to brush their teeth once they see how much fun you are doing it.

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Don’t forget to get your kids into our office Jacksonville, TX, the younger they are, the better. If your children become accustomed to the dentist at an early age, they will be less likely to develop dental anxiety as they get older. Even if you just want to bring them in for one of your dental cleanings, so they can see what it’s like and that you are okay, that will help them be at ease when it’s their turn to sit in the dentist chair.

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