The Three BIG Advantages of Zoom! Whitening

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Do you love your smile? Are you willing to show it off for the whole world to see?

If you don’t love your smile, what is it that you dislike? Could it be that ugly stains and discolorations are making you ashamed to show off your teeth? You’ve tried just about every teeth whitening product you can find, but you’re still not satisfied.

If that sounds like you, you are not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from stained and/or discolored teeth. Even if you have an otherwise healthy set of teeth, there are numerous things which could be wrecking your smile. Some of this things you can’t even avoid! Age, genetics, and certain medications can all stain your teeth.

Other times it’s the things you love that are staining your teeth. It’s that morning cup of coffee that powers you through the day. It’s that evening glass of red wine that you relax with. It could even be that plate of fresh fruit you love so much. Or it could be those cigarettes which you should really throw away.

But what if there was a way to instantly whiten your smile? If you’ve ever used Photoshop or another photo editing program, you probably know that you can go in and retouch certain flaws on a photo with just one click. What if it was that easy to retouch your smile in real life?

We’ve got news for you… it is! At All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX we offer Zoom! teeth whitening. With the help of your teeth whitening dentist, this amazing product can instantly transform your smile.

We know that there’s a bevy of teeth whitening products on the market, and they all promise amazing results. If you’ve been burned by one of these ineffective products before, it can be hard to believe the hype about teeth whitening. But Zoom! is different. In today’s post, we’re going to look at the three big advantages Zoom! whitening has over its competitors. Let’s get started!

Advantage #1: Zoom! Whitening is Convenient

We offer Zoom! whitening as both an in-office procedure and as a take-home whitening kit. We recommend the in-office procedure if you’re in a hurry to have your teeth look great. After just one appointment, our teeth whitening dentist can have your teeth up to eight shades whiter. That means if you a wedding or other special event on a Friday, you could come in on a Thursday and have a beautiful new smile in time for your special event!

If you’re not in a hurry, you can choose the Zoom! Whitening take-home kits. These professional-strength kits include powerful peroxide gel, whitening trays, and a comprehensive set of instructions. You whiten your teeth while you sleep by putting on the trays on your teeth before bed. In just three nights, your teeth can be up to six shades whiter.

Advantage #2: Zoom! Whitening is Fast

If you choose the Zoom! Whitening in-office treatment, it will only take about an hour to get the smile of your dreams. This simple and painless procedure consists of three, 15 minute whitening sessions completed in a single appointment. Your dentist will first apply the special prescription-strength whitening gel to your teeth. Then your teeth will be exposed to the special Zoom! whitening lamp. This light will help activate the whitening gel, and quicken the whitening process.

Advantage #3: Zoom! Whitening Won’t Irritate Your Teeth or Gums

Many patients come to us with horror stories about how over-the-counter teeth whitening products caused sensitivity or even outright discomfort in their teeth and gums. This sensitivity can be caused by a few factors.

First, the whitening gel could leak out of shoddy whitening trays onto your gums. This can cause irritation. Secondly, you could simply be using too much of the bleaching product. Maybe you got frustrated because you weren’t seeing results, so you used too much of the whitening gel or used it for too long. Finally, you may have existing gum disease or tooth decay which can be exacerbated by the whitening gel.

Zoom! Whitening won’t harm harm your teeth or gums in this manner. First your dentist will make sure your teeth are healthy enough for teeth whitening. Sometimes you may need to have tooth decay or gum disease treated before undergoing teeth whitening. Then the dentist supervises the whitening treatment to ensure it’s performed in an efficient and safe manner.

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Are you ready to whiten your smile? Zoom! whitening can erase years worth of stains from your teeth in just one appointment. You can finally have the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted! Best of all if you’re a new patient, you may qualify for our FREE teeth whitening special. Call All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX at 903-625-9297 to make an appointment.

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