Teeth Whitening vs. Veneers: Which One Should You Get?

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If your teeth are stained, you’ve got more than one option. You can remove stains with a teeth whitening treatment. Or you can cover discoloration with dental veneers. We offer both cosmetic dental treatments in our Jacksonville, TX dentist office.

We’re happy to help you decide which service is right for your smile. Call 903-625-9297 to talk to Dr. Larry Folden or Dr. Bradley Westbrook about it. Among the factors we’ll consider:

  • Severity of staining
  • Condition of your teeth
  • Your overall oral health
  • Your budget
  • Your schedule

In the meantime we’ve highlighted some information that may help with your teeth whitening vs. veneers decision.

What Kinds of Stains Do You Have?

Some stains respond well to professional teeth whitening; others do not. There are two types of stains: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic stains involve the interior of your tooth. They can be caused by medications like tetracycline, overuse of fluoride, a blow to your tooth, or even aging. Those kinds of stains are difficult to remove with teeth whitening.

In contrast, extrinsic stains usually respond well to whitening treatments. Those kinds of stains darken or dull your enamel, not the inside of your tooth. They’re often caused by smoking or by consuming substances like coffee or cola.

In addition, certain variations in color simply respond better to whitening treatments than others. Teeth with yellow/brown tones are generally easier to whiten than those with green/gray tones.

Cost of Teeth Whitening vs. Veneers

On the face of it, teeth whitening is far less expensive than dental veneers. However, it’s important to look at the overall cost, not just the up-front cost. With veneers, you won’t need repeated treatments to keep your smile bright. With proper care, veneers will last at least a decade and often much longer. Because veneers resist staining, they’ll remain white.

That said, we can provide you with professional-strength whitening gel and custom-made whitening trays to use at home. Those supplies make it easy to periodically treat your smile to a touch-up whitening treatment.

In addition, veneers can correct other cosmetic flaws while also whitening your smile. We can use veneers to hide:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Small gaps
  • Minor misalignment
  • Worn-down teeth

Do You Need a White Smile Right Away?

Do you want a white smile right away? If so, your best bet is a teeth whitening treatment in our Jacksonville, TX dentist office. Your teeth will get several shades whiter in about an hour. And you can relax with a pillow and TV while our staff does all of the work for you. If you use a home whitening treatment at night while you sleep, your teeth will brighten about six shades in three nights.

It usually takes two appointments, over the course of a few weeks, to get dental veneers. At your first appointment one of our dentists will take impressions of your teeth and other measurements, then prepare your teeth for veneers by removing a tiny amount of enamel. You’ll get temporary veneers to wear while your veneers are produced at an off-site dental laboratory.

When your veneers arrive, you’ll come in for a second appointment during which our dentist will ensure they look and feel great before securely affixing them to the front of your teeth. The final step is a polish.

Teeth Whitening vs. Veneers: Maybe Neither Is Right for You

There are some cases in which neither teeth whitening nor veneers will be a good choice. We’ll likely recommend a dental crown instead if your teeth are deeply stained but in poor overall shape. If you have large fillings, lots of missing tooth structure, or enamel that has worn away, a crown is probably the best solution. Unlike veneers, a crown covers your entire tooth. It strengthens your teeth and protects them against further damage.

Unlike most dentists we can make a crown for you in a single day, using special technology called CEREC. You won’t have to wear a temporary while you wait for your dental restoration. And we can quickly make any needed adjustments, with no communication with an outside lab needed.

Our Jacksonville, TX dentists are happy to discuss all of your options with you. Call 903-625-9297 to make an appointment.

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