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Summer can do great things for your body. Because we’re often more active, many of us manage to lose weight even without trying very hard. And a tan looks great on most of us.

But summer can do not-so-great things too. The same sun that gives you a tan can give you a painful sunburn. Bug bites, poison ivy, and allergies all often tend to be more common in warm-weather months. Then there’s summer dry mouth.

In addition to being uncomfortable, dry mouth can cause serious dental issues. Saliva helps wash away food debris and bacteria. So if you’ve got a shortage of it, you’re more susceptible to problems like decay and gum disease.

The good news is, our Jacksonville, TX dentists can soothe your painful symptoms and improve your oral health with dry mouth treatment . They’ll suggest simple changes you can make, such as avoiding sugary foods and drinks, and may also provide products to replenish your saliva. In addition, you may want to get preventive dentistry treatments like a fluoride application or sealants so you’ll be less cavity-prone.

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Why You May Get Summer Dry Mouth

While dry mouth can strike any time, it’s more common in summer. Since you’re perspiring more, thanks to high temperatures and summer activities, your body produces less saliva. If you decide to hit the pool to cool off, the chlorine dries out your mouth. The same is true of salt water if you go to the beach instead.

Even summer activities like vacations and cookouts can aggravate dry mouth. Many people relax their oral hygiene habits while traveling. They also tend to eat out more and treat themselves to sugary foods. Popular summer beverages like lemonade, sweet tea, and soda can erode tooth enamel, making you more susceptible to cavities.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you’ll breathe through your mouth when your nasal passages are blocked. This aggravates dry mouth symptoms too.

To Beat Summer Dry Mouth, Drink More Water

Saliva is 99 percent water, so you need to stay hydrated to replenish it. Drink at least two liters of water a day in summer, more if you participate in sports or other physical activities. It’s the single most important thing you can do to fight summer dry mouth.

Yes, we know two liters seems like a lot. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to increase your water intake:

  • Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables . Not all of your water needs to come in a glass. You can get some of your water by eating tasty summer foods that are high in water content. Treats like watermelon, cucumbers, and tomatoes are in season now, so they’re especially affordable.
  • Dilute your drinks . You don’t have to go completely give up drinks like soda, lemonade, or iced tea. But dilute them with lots of ice and/or some added water to make them a healthier choice
  • Liven up your liquid . Give your water more flavor by adding bits of fresh fruit, slices of vegetable, or fresh herbs.
  • Keep water in sight . Remind yourself to drink more water by keep a bottle or other container of water in areas where you spend a lot of time.
  • Drink water with meals . Whether you’re at a restaurant or at home, have a glass of water before meals. This not only fights dry mouth, it can help you lose weight too. You’ll feel full sooner, so will eat less.
  • Get high-tech reminders with an app . Check your phone frequently throughout the day? Get reminders and alerts to drink more water with apps like Daily Water Free (Apple Store) or Carbodroid (Google Play).

7 More Tips for Fighting Summer Dry Mouth

Drinking water may be enough to keep summer dry mouth at bay. But these tips will help too:

  • Rinse your mouth with water after drinking acidic fruits or fruit juice.
  • Lower chlorine levels in your pool. A Ph level of about 7.5, keeps water clean without drying out your mouth. Rinse your mouth with water when you leave the pool to get rid of traces of chlorine.
  • Cut caffeine consumption. Caffeine is a diuretic, so limit your intake. For similar reasons, don’t overindulge in alcohol.
  • Use broth, sauces, or butter to moisten dry foods.
  • Enjoy sugar-free mints or chew sugar-free gum. They’ll increase saliva production and freshen your breath too.
  • Give up smoking and other tobacco products.
  • Use a humidifier in your room at night.

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