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Many people celebrate anniversaries in spring. If you’re one of them, you may have planned a special celebration with your loved one. But even with a reservation at your favorite restaurant and a gift you know they will really appreciate, your evening may not go as well as you might like.

If you have sleep apnea problems , your loved one may not sleep in the same room as you because they are bothered by your loud snoring or hearing you gasp for breath throughout the night. It’s hard not to feel a twinge of disappointment when your loved one leaves the room.

Our Jacksonville, TX dentists can help you overcome your sleep apnea so you can remain together throughout the night. You’ll not only enjoy more time with your sweetie, you’ll get a better night’s rest too! You’ll:


  • Awaken feeling refreshed, not still tired
  • Be able to better focus and concentrate during the day
  • Not be bothered by unpleasant sleep apnea symptoms like headaches and dry mouth

Custom Mouthguard Is a CPAP Alternative

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common form of the disorder. It’s caused when your tongue or other soft tissue falls into a position that blocks your airway, making it difficult to breathe. This causes you to gasp for breath many times during the night, briefly waking each time. Some sleep apnea sufferers waken as many as hundreds of time during the night!

Doctors sometimes prescribe a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. It keeps your airway clear with a steady stream of pressurized air. You receive the air through a mask you wear over your face.

We can provide you with a CPAP alternative: a custom-made mouthguard. A mouthguard gently moves your jaw into a position that keeps your airway open while you sleep. Many people find it easier to get used to than a CPAP. With no mask, tubing, or noise from a motor, your bed partner will likely also find it easier to sleep if you’re wear a mouthguard instead of a CPAP.

In addition, a mouthguard is more convenient than a CPAP. Because it doesn’t need batteries of electricity, you can use it anywhere. Whether you’re on a redeye flight or camping out in the woods, you just slip it into your mouth and sleep soundly.

You can buy mouthguards online and from some retail stores. However, they don’t fit as well as a custom-made mouthguard. Our dentists take impressions of your teeth to fit you for a mouthguard. The custom fit ensures it will be both more comfortable and more effective than a store-bought mouthguard.

Do You Have Sleep Apnea Problems?

Chronic loud snoring is sometimes, but not always, caused by sleep apnea. It’s what brings many people to our office, as their partners urge them to seek help. Your snoring probably isn’t the only sleep apnea symptom that affects your partner, though. A lack of restful sleep can also make you moody and quick to anger.

Sleep apnea is most common in men over age 40. It’s also more common if you:

  • Are overweight
  • Have a large neck (17-plus inches for men, more than 16 inches for women)
  • Suffer from gastroesophageal reflux
  • Have a small upper airway and/or deviated septum

To see if you have any common symptoms, you can take our sleep apnea quiz before coming to see our dentists. They can examine you and arrange for you to take a sleep test, if needed. If you get a sleep apnea diagnosis, your insurance plan may pay for at least part of your treatment.

If you have any questions about sleep apnea problems or need to make an appointment, call All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX today at 903-625-9297. You can also reach us online to set up an appointment with Dr. Larry Folden, Dr. Bradley Westbrook, or Dr. Dylan Rutherford.

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