Parents And Teens Agree: Invisalign Rocks!

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If you are the parent of a teen and are worried about your son or daughter having crooked teeth or weird spacing in their mouth, we have some good news for you: Dr. Folden can help them boost their oral health along with the appearance of their smile, and it won’t require metal braces!

At All Smiles of Jacksonville, TX, we can set things straight once and for all with the help of a short-term orthodontic treatment that works for adolescents as well as adults. So, if you are an adult with a less than desirable smile, you too can get a better smile with the Invisalign method.

Invisalign utilizes a sequential series of clear, nearly invisible plastic aligners to correct misaligned teeth without attracting unwanted attention! The whole thing is planned out in advance and carried out in only about 12 months time, depending on the severity of your teen’s issues.

The benefits of using Invisalign, as opposed to a more conventional approach, will become immediately clear to you! Whether you are looking for your kids or for yourself, keep reading and then be sure to get in touch to schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. Folden, our in-house Invisalign guru.

No Big Adjustments

Classic braces will remain in-place for the duration of the treatment once they are installed. With Invisalign you get to switch your aligners out at home every two weeks or so. That’s all it takes to keep the process moving along. Since there won’t be any mandatory monthly in-office adjustments, Invisalign doesn’t feel like it is eating away at your free-time in the same way that a typical orthodontic treatment would.

Since they are removable, you can take your aligners out when you are eating, which means they won’t be able to trap food particles like metal braces. As such, you won’t have to avoid the foods that you love. Plus, you won’t need special tools for cleaning, which brings us to our next point.

Invisalign Gear Is Easy To Keep Clean

You and your teen will love how easy it is to keep your mouth fresh and clean with Invisalign. All you have to do is remove your clear braces, rinse them under lukewarm water, and pop them back in when you are through. What’s more, you can also keep brushing and flossing your teeth just like you always have. Easy enough, right?

As A Parent You Can Hold Your Teen Accountable

If you are looking into Invisalign for your teen, rather than yourself, you will have special concerns. Dr. Folden knows that orthodontic treatment is a significant investment of your time and money. He also knows how fickle teenagers can be sometimes! Still, all parties want the treatment to be a real success. That’s why Invisalign has come equipped with a special feature to allow you to hold your teen accountable for following the directions properly.

Rather than spying on them or nagging them about following through, all you have to do is check their equipment. Here’s the deal: when the aligners are worn properly, a small blue dot on the back of the aligners will slowly disappear. This will let you know that everything is still on track.

The Transformation Happens Fast

For the right candidate, Invisalign can work minor miracles in a small amount of time. Like we said, Invisalign treatment typically wraps up in about a year, which is far better than the 2-3 years regular braces would necessitate.

By the time we are finished, you will be amazed by the results. The health and appearance of your smile (or your teen’s smile) will be better than ever before!

Start Today!

You know that your teen deserves a better smile and all the things that go with such a transformation (increased confidence, health, happiness, etc.)! As such, we hope that you will be inspired by today’s blog post to see if Invisalign could solve your child’s orthodontic issues.

Just contact our Jacksonville, TX office to set your appointment for an orthodontic consultation! Dr. Folden will get right to work!

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