Do I Need a Sleep Apnea Appliance? (Quiz)

If you’ve got sleep apnea, you could suffer some pretty serious consequences. In addition to making you irritable and causing unpleasant symptoms like headaches, research has linked apnea to serious health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. Fortunately a simple solution may give you relief. Our dentists can provide you with a custom-made sleep apnea appliance that helps you ...

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Give Yourself the Gift of a Beautiful Smile

The holiday gift-giving season is over. If you’re like most folks, you probably didn’t find everything you wanted under the tree. Have you often dreamed about having a beautiful smile? Start the New Year off right by getting the smile you’ve always wanted!   Our Jacksonville, TX dentists are happy to help you determine the right cosmetic dental solutions for your smile. They’ll ...

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Give Yourself Gift of Professional Teeth Whitening (Infographic)

As you’re shopping for others this month, consider giving yourself the gift of a whiter, brighter smile. With professional teeth whitening, your smile can really shine at holiday parties. You can whiten teeth in about an hour with a treatment in our Jacksonville, TX office. Or we can provide custom whitening trays and professional-strength gel you can use at home, for a bright smile in just ...

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How To Handle A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency should be treated just like any other medical emergency. Many hospital emergency room visits are to ease suffering and to preserve function rather than for something life-threatening. Professional dental care for a dental emergency will ease pain and can preserve your natural teeth. In any dental emergency, call All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX immediately at 903-374-4406 to ...

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Should I Get Dental Implants With Dentures? (quiz)

Dental implants with dentures avoid many of the problems that are commonly faced by dentures wearers. For instance, dentures secured with implants won’t move around in your mouth. They’ll stay securely in place, even without adhesive. In addition to their stay-put security, dental implants dentures are: Convenient – You can choose dentures that never need to be removed for cleaning ...

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Don’t Lose Dental Insurance Benefits as the Year Draws to a Close

Even a great joke can be ruined by bad timing. Just as timing is everything in comedy, it can play a major part in your oral health – specifically by affecting your dental insurance benefits. Most dental insurance plans limit the maximum amount of benefits you can receive in a single year. The amount is most often in the range of $1,000 to $2,000. You can’t “save” this money for a ...

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Which Halloween Treats Are Scary – and Which Aren’t So Bad?

Halloween means candy – and sugary Halloween treats like candy can certainly cause cavities. Still, we don’t expect you to skip these treats. They’re a big part of what makes Halloween so fun! The important thing is to follow some common-sense advice for consuming Halloween treats: Don’t let your kids consume their whole stash at once. Don’t let them have more than a few pieces ...

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Replace Teeth With Implant Dentistry (Infographic)

Gaps in a smile look fine on a jack-o-lantern. But unless you’re a pumpkin, gaps will make you feel self-conscious. And not only do they affect your smile’s appearance, they make it harder to enjoy all of the foods you like. Fortunately, we can replace your missing teeth with implant dentistry. Our Jacksonville, TX dentists both place and restore dental implants, so you can get your ...

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Invisalign for Adults Discreetly Straightens Teeth

Time traveling back to your teenage years might offer experiences you’d love to relive – and others you’d like to forget. You could relive your game-winning play, but you still might not be able to get up the courage to ask out your crush. Maybe your time-traveling self could even get braces so you’d have a straight smile now. Chances are you wouldn’t be the only one at your old ...

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Do You Need a Root Canal Procedure? (Infographic)

Tooth pain can signal many things, including an infection in your tooth. And if your tooth is infected, you may need a root canal procedure. Don’t worry if you do! Our Jacksonville, TX dentists can often complete the procedure in a single appointment, thanks to their experience performing root canals and advanced technology like our 3D X-rays. You’ll also get a choice of two kinds of ...

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