Four Tips for Fresh Breath

Maybe you’re closing a big sale at work; you go for the handshake and suddenly wonder ‘how does my breath smell?’ Sometimes that breath mint after a meal just doesn’t cut it, especially if you’re leaning in for a first kiss on a date, or conducting important business. Onions and garlic. Oh my. These two foods seem to have a particular fearsome reputation when it comes to the subject ...

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3 Ways to Avoid Teeth Cavities

Good day, Jacksonville! Welcome back to the ongoing blog of All Smiles, in Jacksonville, TX. In today’s blog we want to talk about something near and not dear to your teeth: cavities. We’re going to start by discussing what causes cavities, as well as give you three great tips for avoiding them. Understanding What Causes Cavities In short, cavities are caused by the build-up of plaque ...

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Summer Smiles with Zoom Whitening

Summertime brings many reasons to smile. Maybe you have a wedding to go to, maybe you’re hosting a graduation party for your kids, or maybe you’re just hitting the beach to work on your tan. Whatever the occasion, there’s sure to be lots of people to impress and lots of cameras out. But is your smile photo-worthy? With Zoom Whitening at All Smiles Jacksonville, we can have your smile ...

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Invisalign vs. Wire Braces

Are you embarrassed to smile with your mouth open? Perhaps you have embarrassing gaps in your teeth, or misaligned teeth. Maybe you’ve considered traditional wire braces to correct these issues, but fear the drawbacks of traditional wire braces? In this post, we’re going to look at three of the big advantages of selecting Invisalign over traditional braces. Here at All Smiles Jacksonville, ...

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The Hidden Dangers of Diet Soda

If you want to avoid getting cavities, don’t eat or drink sugar. Simple enough, right? And this is pretty easy to do, considering all the sugar-free snack options out there. You don’t even have to give up drinking sodas. Every brand of soda has a diet option with no sugar. Does this mean that you can drink all the diet soda you want with no risk to your oral health? No way. The claim ...

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Your Kids Will Love Brushing!

How do you convince a kid that something good for them, but boring, can be fun and exciting? You make it fun and exciting. Taking care of your teeth and gums may be tedious and unexciting, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your health. So, if you want to make dental care fun for your kids, combine it with things that are fun. At All Smiles, right here in Jacksonville, ...

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Enjoy Your Smile Without Anxiety

Fear of the dentist consistently ranks among the top ten fears in the US. In fact, WebMD estimates that as many as 20% of all Americans experience some level of dental anxiety or fear. For some it’s the actual procedures, for others it’s the feeling of helplessness that comes with lying still in a chair for long periods of time, and some people are just uncomfortable with the idea of someone ...

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A Family Dentist to Smile About!

Families come first in Jacksonville, TX, and keeping your family healthy comes first for you. That is why a healthy oral hygiene routine is essential, as is choosing a high quality and dependable family dentist. From baby teeth to dentures, each member of your family has a different set of dental concerns and a unique personality. You need a dentist that can handle both, and make sure that your ...

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A Bright Smile Is a Confident Smile

Confidence is the key. Whatever you want out of life, a strong dose of healthy self-confidence will pave the way to getting it. Some people just seem to exude confidence naturally. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but something about them makes them seem as if they are in charge of their lives and moving quickly down the road to success. It’s their smile. Nothing says confidence like ...

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Know What to do in a Dental Emergency

Just like any sort of emergency, a dental emergency will strike whenever and however. There’s no way to know when it will hit. You simply have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best! As we are speaking with your patients about dental emergencies, we find that most patients are already prepared for other types of emergencies: first aid, fire extinguishers, etc. A dental emergency ...

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