Orthodontic Treatment That Stands Out For All the Right Reasons

Orthodontic Treatment That Stands Out For All the Right Reasons | Blog - All Smiles

When you were in middle school, braces were the thing. For some social circles, braces were the thing, and they managed to rock those wires into something stunning. If you were in a different social circle, however, those braces were a social death sentence. Now, as an adult, you can’t even imagine wearing braces! Yet, you might need orthodontic work! We have the perfect solution for you: Invisalign clear plastic braces.

Don’t waste your time avoiding orthodontic work. This is about more than just having a smile that looks good. We are trying to give you a smile that is healthy. Teeth that are crowded or misaligned are much more difficult to keep clean, which leads to more infection and decay. Plus, these teeth often end up grinding against each other as you sleep, leaving you with injury and pain. Orthodontics can take care of these issues, but you need something that won’t make you feel ridiculous, right?

Invisalign is the Solution

For adults in need of orthodontic work, Invisalign is the sure solution. You can get quality orthodontic care without feeling like a middle school student! These clear plastic aligners fit perfectly over your teeth, creating an invisible solution. You’ll wear them for 22 out of every 24 hours in the day, removing only to eat and care for your teeth. Every two weeks, you will switch your aligner for a new one so that your teeth are getting constant pressure to move. The best part is that no one around you will know you have aligners in unless you tell them!

Invisalign braces stand apart from other orthodontic procedures because they are so inconspicuous. You’ll feel completely comfortable going about your life without anyone noticing your dental work. Contact us today to learn more about this process for orthodontic care. We’d love to help you get a happier, healthier smile!

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