How To Handle A Dental Emergency

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A dental emergency should be treated just like any other medical emergency. Many hospital emergency room visits are to ease suffering and to preserve function rather than for something life-threatening. Professional dental care for a dental emergency will ease pain and can preserve your natural teeth. In any dental emergency, call All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX immediately at 903-374-4406 to schedule a same-day emergency appointment.

Time Lost Can Equal Teeth Lost

Let’s set some ground rules: your permanent, adult teeth should stay firmly rooted in your jaw for your entire life. Tooth enamel and tooth structure should stay intact and functional. And teeth shouldn’t hurt; severe dental pain usually indicates an underlying infection.

If a tooth has come out of its socket; if a tooth has been damaged or broken, or if a dental restoration fails; or if you have severe dental pain, you have a dental emergency. The worst course of action is to try to tough it out. It’s always best to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. Replacing missing teeth is a time-consuming and expensive process. Taking prompt action in a dental emergency can preserve your teeth and get you out of pain fast.

Count On All Smiles In Jacksonville, TX

Our office has three dentists and we’re open on Fridays, unlike many other dental practices. If you call us for an emergency appointment during business hours, the chances are good that we’ll be able to see you the same day. We make every effort to make emergency appointments happen.

If your emergency happens outside our business hours, call anyway. You’ll be able to contact one our dentists who can advise you.

When you come in for your emergency appointment, the first thing we’ll do is get you out of pain. One of our dentists will carefully assess your situation and advise you on options to treat the condition. Here are some options for addressing your emergency.

A Tooth Is Out Of Its Socket

Generally, a tooth leaves its socket due to impact from a fall, an accident, or a sports injury. It’s often possible to reinsert the tooth so it can re-root itself and keep serving you for many years. Call our office at once at 903-374-4406 and we’ll advise you how to proceed.

If a tooth leaves its socket and it’s not due to impact, you almost certainly have an underlying infection that has attacked the root and the supporting bone. The problem isn’t gone when the tooth is gone. Call our office for an appointment.

Tooth Damage

Your tooth enamel protects the delicate tissues inside your tooth from infection and other damage. If the enamel is cracked and/or broken, the tooth is exposed and vulnerable. The longer you wait to have the tooth repaired, the greater the likelihood of infection setting in.

The same is true if a dental restoration such a filling or a dental crown has failed. Call our office at once. Our dentists will replace a damaged filling where possible. If the tooth has been damaged further, we can often repair it with a dental crown. Our CEREC same-day technology means you won’t have to wear a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being created. You can have a fully-functioning tooth in just one day!

Dental Pain

You may experience severe dental pain if a tooth is damaged and the nerve is exposed, or if there’s an underlying infection. Take action at once to avoid further problems later. Call our Jacksonville, TX dental office at once at 903-374-4406. We’ll get you out of pain promptly and begin treatment for the cause of the pain.

Lose The Pain, Keep Your Teeth

Time lost can equal teeth lost. In any dental emergency, take action to preserve your teeth and avoid unnecessary suffering. Call All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX at once at 903-374-4406.

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