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There is no better gift that you can give your child that teaching him how to be responsible. We practice that in all sorts of ways be teaching our children to pick up their toys, apologize when they make a mistake, and take care of their bodies. Oral hygiene is a great way to teach responsibility and ensure that your child will have a healthy smile for the rest of his life! Below are a few tips to get started!

1. Keep it Fun
Teaching your child something new always works best when you are all having fun! Learning to care for teeth is no exception. Let your child pick a toothbrush with their favorite character, and be very encouraging as she practices. You can even use a sticker chart or something similar to keep track or her progress!

2. Be a Model

The best way to teach a child is to model the behavior you want him to learn. When it comes time to brush teeth, grab your own brush and open wide. Let your tot see what’s going on in your mouth, and he will be able to emulate your actions! Plus, it makes it more fun to brush your teeth when you see your hero doing the same!

3. Remember that Tomorrow is Another Day
Brushing teeth isn’t always at the top of a toddler’s list of things to do. Don’t be discouraged if it takes time for your little one to really learn this skill. Bad days will come, but don’t focus on those. Instead, use the good days to encourage your child.

Those little teeth are very important for your child’s future health. Not only that, but you are laying a foundation for future habits. Helping your child become a dental pro at a young age will benefit you both in the years to come! Contact us today to set up an appointment for your tot. We would love to see you both very soon!

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