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This month many of us will set off fireworks to celebrate the date the 13 original U.S. colonies claimed their independence  from England. Freedom is a great thing, and it’s good to remember it with a celebration! If you have dentures, we’d love to show you how dental implants treatment can give you freedom from the discomfort, inconvenience, and embarrassment you may experience while wearing them.

To find out more about dental implant dentures, call All Smiles at 903-625-9297 to schedule a consultation with one of our implant dentists. They’ll examine you with our 3D imaging to determine whether you’re a good candidate for implants.

Dental Implants Treatment Frees You From Dentures

With dental implants treatment, you’ll enjoy freedom from:

  • Dietary Restrictions – With implants you’ll enjoy a bite that’s nearly as strong as it was before you lost teeth. So you can again enjoy foods like corn-on-the-cob, steak, and crunchy apples.
  • Special Cleaning Routines – You may choose dentures attached to dental implants in a way that only a dentist removes them. If so, you’ll just brush and floss your teeth to keep them clean. Forget about soaking and special cleaning solutions!
  • Embarrassment – Conventional dentures sit on top of your gums and rely on suction and denture adhesive to keep them in place. This means they can shift and even come out while you’re eating or talking. Since dental implants are embedded in your jaw,  dentures attached to implants will stay firmly in place.
  • Painful Gums – People typically find dental implants dentures so comfortable, they forget they are even wearing them.

Your Jaw Will Stay Strong With Dental Implants Treatment

When you chew, stimulation from your tooth roots keeps your jaw strong. When you lose teeth, you also lose their roots. The result is, your jawbone begins to erode . You’ll lose 25 percent in bone width during just the first year after tooth loss.

Dental implants function much like natural tooth roots, stimulating your jaw as you chew. So your bone remains healthy and strong. Your face won’t get that “shrunken” look that happens over time after you lose teeth. Your face will look fuller, and you’ll look younger!

Enjoy More Financial Freedom With Dental Implants

Many people choose conventional dentures over dental implants treatment because of lower cost. But your shrinking jaw affects the fit of your dentures. So you’ll likely need to have your dentures relined every few years to improve the fit. After a few relining procedures, the cost of dentures will be more similar to the cost of implants.

All Smiles accepts many forms of payment . One option is CareCredit , a special financing that offers flexible plans for dental care. In addition, our implant consultations are free!

Multiple Implants Options Give You Freedom of Choice

Thanks to our dental implants expertise and advanced technology like our 3D X-rays, we offer many dental implants options. Dentures wearers can choose a type of denture that can be easily removed for cleaning or one that only your dentist removes. If you still have some teeth remaining, you can get an implant-supported dental bridge. We can even replace just one tooth, with a dental crown attached to a single implant.

All of the choices can seem pretty overwhelming. Our dentists can help you determine which kind of dental implants treatment will work best for you. If you’re ready to enjoy freedom from dentures, call us today at 903-625-9297. Remember, dental implants consultations are free !


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