Five GREAT Reasons for Adults to Consider Invisalign

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Are you sick of living with a smile you hate? Do you look in the mirror and see a mouthful of crooked and misaligned teeth? If that sounds like you, then stop living with a smile you hate!

Maybe you’ve considered adult braces in the past, but were unwilling to wear brackets and wires on your teeth for at least two years. In fact, you’ve always told yourself that you’re simply too old for braces. How could you ever walk into your workplace with a metal mouth? No one would take you seriously!

We have a solution. At All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX, we offer the Invisalign system of orthodontics. This modern alternative to adult braces has revolutionized the dental and orthodontic industries. You no longer have to deal with painful metal brackets and wires, or worry about looking immature.

The best part about Invisalign is that you’re never too old for it! Invisalign was designed with adults like YOU in mind. Invisalign is designed to be undetectable in your smile, and realign your smile in comfort. Invisalign can straighten crooked teeth, realign crowded teeth, close gaps between teeth, and even treat certain problems with your bite.

In today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to give five reasons to consider Invisalign if you’re a working adult. So read on if you’re interested in finally having a beautiful smile!

Reason #1: Invisalign Will Save You Time

How does Invisalign work? Invisalign uses a series of comfortable aligners to gradually reposition your teeth. Although this treatment is far gentler than that of traditional braces, it actually works considerably faster.

Most patients see the results they want from Invisalign in about one year. That’s half the time as traditional braces! Plus you don’t have to worry about a never-ending string of appointments slowing down your schedule. Invisalign requires far fewer appointments than traditional braces, making it fit into the schedule of even our busiest patients.

Reason #2: Invisalign Aligners Are Comfortable

Invisalign was designed with comfort in mind. Instead of rigid brackets and wires, Invisalign uses removable aligners. Invisalign aligners fit snugly but comfortably over your teeth. After a few days of wearing them, you’ll forget that they’re even on your teeth!

Now, you don’t have to worry about metal brackets and wires scratching the inside of your mouth or lips. Plus, Invisalign does not require any of the painful adjustments and tightenings that are required by traditional braces. You just wear your aligner for 22 hours a day, for a couple of weeks. When you’ve finished, you move onto the next aligner. That’s it!

Reason #3: Invisalign Aligners Are Clear

Invisalign gets its name from the fact that its aligners are designed to be virtually invisible in your mouth. Many patients’ Invisalign reviews tell us that no one even notices that they’re wearing their aligners. That means you can go into work or school without fear that metal braces are making you look immature or inexperienced. You can finally get that smile you deserve, but no one but you and your dentist have to know you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment!

Reason #4: Invisalign Won’t Stain Your Teeth

Traditional braces require brackets which are bonded to the front of your teeth. When these brackets are removed after two years, many patients notice nasty yellow stains left behind on their teeth. So Instead of being able to debut their new smile, they have to undergo professional teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

That’s not something you have to worry about with Invisalign! Invisalign aligners are removable, so you take them off to brush and floss your teeth like normal. That means when you finish your treatment, you’re ready to show off your new Hollywood smile.

Reason #5: Invisalign Gives You Freedom to Live Your Life

As we’ve mentioned before, Invisalign aligners are removable. This means there’s a couple of HUGE advantages over traditional adult braces. First, you don’t have to restrict your diet to accommodate your braces. Instead you enjoy the freedom to eat whatever foods you please. Simply take out your aligner, then dig in!

Secondly, you can remove your Invisalign aligners for special occasions. Maybe you have a wedding or other event where a lot of photos will be taken. If you want, you can simply take out your aligners before the special event. That means you don’t have to worry about pictures of your orthodontic treatment haunting you years later.

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Are you ready to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of having? With Invisalign, you have no excuses for avoiding orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is clear, comfortable, and fast. To learn more, schedule an appointment at All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX. You can reach our office at 903-625-9297.

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