Ending the Fear Cycle

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Dental fear and anxiety is something that we all experience in some form or another. For most of us, we experience some butterflies in our stomach or an increased heart rate, but we still go to the office and get our work done regularly. For others, the fear is much more serious and keeps patients from coming to the office altogether. They will only come if they are in a lot of pain. This group of people makes up about 20% of our society, but with sedation dentistry, we are able to get those numbers way down!

Sedation dentistry ends the cycle of fear that so many experience. They are afraid, which makes them tense. Their entire experience at the office is driven by that tension, make the experience negative, which in turn makes them more afraid of the dentist. Sedation steps in and ends that cycle by removing the tension during an appointment. The frightened patient then experiences a positive appointment and is less afraid at the next. The cycle of fear is broken.

Sedation Makes the Difference

Whether you choose to receive nitrous oxide sedation or oral conscious sedation (OC recommended for patients with moderate to severe anxiety), your entire experience will be much more relaxed and enjoyable. Even difficult procedures are turned into something that is easy to tolerate with sedation dentistry. You can get all of the care you need without sacrificing your nerves in the process!

Sedation dentistry is changing the way we do things in this country. Patients who have avoided the office for years are finding their way back to oral health through the relaxing power of sedation dentistry. Contact us today to learn if sedation is right for you. We would love to see what we can do to help you have a better dental experience at your next appointment!

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