Do You Need a Root Canal Procedure? (Infographic)

TMJ Treatment 2 - Jacksonville, TX | All Smiles - Dr. Larry Folden

Tooth pain can signal many things, including an infection in your tooth. And if your tooth is infected, you may need a root canal procedure .

Don’t worry if you do! Our Jacksonville, TX dentists can often complete the procedure in a single appointment, thanks to their experience performing root canals and advanced technology like our 3D X-rays. You’ll also get a choice of two kinds of dental sedation, to keep you relaxed throughout your treatment.

Pain isn’t the only sign that you may need a root canal, though. Check out our infographic to see if you have any others. If you do, call All Smiles at 903-374-4406 ASAP. If you’re uncomfortable, we can often get you a same-day appointment.

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