Should You Choose Dentures or Dental Implants?

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If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, you’ll likely be choosing from two options for your replacement teeth: conventional dentures or dental implants . Implants feel and function the most like your natural teeth. However, they’re aren’t for everyone. Our Jacksonville, TX dentists provide both so you can get the one that will work best for your smile.

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In the meantime, we’re sharing some of the major considerations in deciding whether to get dentures or dental implants:

  • Cost
  • Procedure required to get them
  • Convenience
  • Functionality

Consider Total Cost of Dentures or Dental Implants

For most folks, cost is one of the most important factors in their dentures or dental implants decision. Dental implants will initially cost more than dentures, and insurance often doesn’t cover the cost.

That said, you’ll spend far less on maintenance for implants. For example, if dentures are attached to implants, you won’t need adhesive to keep them in place. Depending on the type of dental implant dentures you receive, you won’t need cleaning solutions either. You’ll be able to care for them simply by brushing and flossing as you did before. If you choose dentures that only a dentist removes for cleaning, you also won’t risk breaking a denture.

Perhaps most important, implants will prevent bone loss in your jaw. When you lose a tooth, you also lose tooth roots. Without the stimulation created by roots when you chew food, you lose bone mass in your jaw. Over time this can result in a sunken-faced appearance. It also means your dentures will need relining or other adjustments to maintain a snug fit.

Conventional Dentures Require a Less Invasive Procedure

Getting dental implants does require surgery. However, your surgery is sure to go smoothly, since our dentists use 3D X-rays to carefully plan your procedure. They’ll numb your mouth with local anesthesia and, if you’re nervous or worried about discomfort, you can also get dental sedation. After implants are placed in your jawbone, you’ll need to wait a few months for them to heal before you get your replacement teeth. In addition, if your jaw is too thin to support implants, our dentists may also recommend a bone graft or similar procedure to strengthen your jaw.

Caring for Implants Is More Convenient

You can select dentures that you can remove from implants for cleaning, or you can get dentures that only our dentists will remove. Many people prefer the latter, since oral hygiene is as simple as brushing and flossing. No matter which type of dental implant dentures you get, you won’t need adhesive to keep them securely in place.

Implants Function More Like Natural Teeth Than Dentures

Both the appearance and function of conventional dentures have improved in recent years. Few dentures these days look like obviously false teeth. Still, dental implants feel and function more like your natural teeth than dentures. As noted, dental implants function like tooth roots. You’ll enjoy far greater bite strength since the implants, not your gums, handle chewing force. In contrast, studies have found that dentures only supply about 25 to 50 percent of the strength of your natural teeth. This affects your ability to chew and enjoy some foods.

A free consultation with one of our dentists is the best way to to determine whether to get dentures or dental implants. Call All Smiles at 903-625-9297 to schedule one.

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