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Do you take excellent care of your teeth and gums at home, and visit your Jacksonville, Texas dentist on a fairly regular basis? Great! Then you are setting yourself up for lifelong success, health, and happiness. And we’ll be here to tackle any restorative dental needs that may arise along the way. You’d be surprised by how many folks never expect to need those kind of services, but are sure glad we’ve got them covered when the unexpected happens.

Here’s a little story for you:

Davis and his wife, Susan, and their four children (three girls and a boy) are regular patients of ours. Over time, we learned from our random conversations in the office that Davis has a real love for old motorcycles (Indians, Harleys, and such) and has handed on this passion to his son Brett.

When Brett turned 20, he bought a bike that was in need of a complete overhaul. Under Davis’s tutelage, the two worked on it most weekends until Brett turned 22.

When the project was complete, it was a nice ride. And it would take off like a rocket. That is to say, it was a bit dangerous, in retrospect, for a fearless young man to be endowed with such a custom machine.

It wasn’t his daily driver, mind you, Brett also had a pickup truck for getting to and from work. But he nonetheless enjoyed driving the motorcycle (on nice days) for quite some time before he was involved in an accident not far from our Highway 79 office.

Though he lived to tell the story, Brett’s mouth connected with some steel and teeth were lost. In the blink of an eye, many years of great oral health and diligent hygiene practices were of little consolation. There was suddenly a real problem to tend to, and it was traumatic for the boy on many levels.

Without a full set of teeth, Brett was no longer able to chew the foods he loved (and some of the healthier ones he ate only because he had to). It was a real ordeal just to get through a meal.

Beyond that, he just didn’t much resemble his old self. There were desolate spaces where there once had been smiling teeth, and that made him sad.

Plus, Brett seemed kind of out of it. In addition to enduring the physical pain and suffering, the unfortunate kid was also now extremely depressed and embarrassed about the situation.

Luckily, we have always had a great relationship with that family, and they knew just who to turn to for restorative treatment. When they came to All Smiles with their problem, we suggested a dental implant consultation straightaway.

A dental implant is a small titanium rod that looks like a lot like a screw. The dental screw replaces the tooth root and the dental crown replaces the visible portion of the tooth.

Around here, implants are surgically embedded in the jaw and allowed to fuse with the bone to form a strong foundation for replacement teeth. In certain situations, this is done in two stages that wrap up in a month or two. Just to be clear, we do have several options depending on your needs.

We are happy to report that for Brett and his family, the story had a happy ending, although the young man has decided for the time being to admire motorcycles from a safe distance. He’s even talked about fixing up old pickup trucks instead.

Remember, a dental emergency unfolds fast. That is, after all, why they are called accidents. But the point of this whole story is that dental implants can be a viable solution for when you lose a tooth (or teeth) without warning. And the team at All Smiles will make it easy for you to get back on the good road, so to speak.

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