Dental Crowns Are Versatile – and Fast Too, at Our Office (Video)

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Dental crowns are an incredibly versatile dental restoration. Their uses range from repairing broken teeth to improving the appearance of stained or crooked teeth.

As if that isn’t great enough, at our office they’re also fast. Our Jacksonville, TX dentists use a technology called CEREC to make crowns for you in a single day. Contrast that to other dentists, who outsource production to an outside dental lab. You’ll spend a week or more waiting for your restoration.

Our dentists also can immediately make any necessary modifications to your same-day dental crowns right in our office; no sending them back to the lab.

Find out more about dental crowns by watching this video from the American Dental Association. Then call All Smiles at 903-374-4406 if you’re interested in getting a same-day crown.

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