Are You Looking Into Cosmetic Dentistry? Don’t Follow Kanye West’s Example

Are You Looking Into Cosmetic Dentistry? Don't Follow Kanye West's Example | Blog - All Smiles

Are some celebrities taking cosmetic dentistry too far? Some Americans, including some of the best cosmetic dentists, think so. The intent of cosmetic dentistry and professional tooth whitening dentists is to boost patients’ confidence — and sometimes even correct dental problems, such as misaligned teeth, that can have an impact on patients’ overall health. Certain celebrities, however, are taking cosmetic procedures to an entirely different level. When does cosmetic dentistry become dangerous?

Kanye West’s Teeth Are A Perfect Example Of What Not To Do
In 2010, Kanye West had the bulk of his bottom teeth replaced with diamonds. The procedure is pretty much unprecedented — considering that most dentists do not remove or extract healthy teeth. (Celebrities who have, like Kanye, bejeweled or blinged out their smiles often opt for a removable gold and/or diamond grill.) Kanye told Vanity Fair why he chose something more permanent: “I just like diamond teeth and I didn’t feel like having to take them out all the time.” Dentists warn that replacing teeth with diamonds and jewels is not advisable. It will likely lead to plaque and bacteria build-up and ultimately severe halitosis, among other problems. Patients with removable grills have to be particularly careful about brushing, flossing, and cleaning — as food and drink particles can easily get trapped under the removable devices.

Do This, Not That
Choosing grills — instead of having teeth flat-out replaced with diamonds — is the better option. Dentists advocate, moreover, that patients opt for more subtle cosmetic procedures, such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, and/or visits to professional tooth whitening dentists. Dental implants, for example, have a 98% success rate and permanently replace missing or chipped teeth. Professional tooth whitening can produce dramatic results — with teeth up to 10 shades whiter by the end of the treatment.

Don’t let cosmetic dental procedures get out of hand. The most appealing teeth are white and uniform — and achieving that look requires subtle dental work and subtle aesthetic treatments only.

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