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We love our CEREC machine here at All Smiles, but some of our patients don’t quite understand the importance of having that technology available to them right here in the office. For some, it’s just a cool toy that we like to play with, but it’s actually much more than that. CEREC can save you a lot of time and money, and we have a true story to help you see the power of CEREC.

A woman is in need of a crown, so she sees her dentist to have her tooth prepared, impressions taken, and a temporary crown put in place. She then waits a few weeks while her permanent crown is created. When she returns, they discover that her permanent crown doesn’t fit, so she takes new impressions, has the temporary replaced, and goes back home to wait another few weeks. On the Friday evening of a holiday weekend, her temporary breaks, but she has to wait to have it repaired due to the holiday. When her permanent crown is finally ready, they discover that she has an infected tooth and is in need of a root canal before she can get her permanent restoration can be placed.

The CEREC Difference

With access to CEREC, this situation would have been resolved much differently, saving this patient money and time across the board. In fact, this patient could have had her restoration in one appointment without any risk of infection or broken temporaries. She would have come in, has digital impressions taken, and read a magazine article while her permanent restoration was created. Even if CEREC made a mistake (which rarely happens), our patient could have relaxed in her chair, checked her work emails, and then had her restoration placed. A six week, four appointment, and expensive experience would have been switched for one appointment.

The next time you wonder if CEREC is more than just a fun toy, think about this story and how this woman could have been saved time, money, and discomfort. Contact us if you want to know more about the work of CEREC and how it might benefit you in the future. We’d love to discuss it with you soon!

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