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Here in Jacksonville, TX, we learn from an early age that when you fail, you should try, try again! Never give up, and keep fighting back to reach your goals. This a great mentality, but we often forget that there are something things that you only get one shot at.

Take your healthy adult smile, for example. If you fail to keep your smile healthy the first time around, you don’t get another chance. Once those teeth come out, they are gone for good. Once a tooth is gone, you have to make a decision: will you restore that tooth or not?

We see patients all the time who are on the fence about restoring their natural tooth. We understand the hesitation to undergo a serious procedure, but we know that there is something much greater at risk, and that’s your health.

Let’s take some time today to dig into the matter of dental restoration. You might be very surprised by what you find out!

To Replace or Not to Replace, That is the Question

When you considering a dental restoration, we want you to think about the choice in two ways. First, we want you to consider the impact a missing tooth has on you psychologically. Second, we want you to consider the impact a missing tooth has on your physically. Let us show you what we mean!

Psychological Impact
A missing tooth isn’t a symptomless thing. There are ramifications and implications that go well beyond the health of your smile. New research links a missing tooth with increased anxiety and depression, especially if the missing tooth is in the smile zone.

So, why would a missing tooth be linked to psychological conditions? Maybe because each of your teeth are important to your smile and appearance. It is difficult to feel confident when you have a large gap in your smile! It’s no wonder that you might begin to feel anxious or depressed when you feel like you are constantly being judged due to a missing tooth!

Physical Impact
The psychological impact is important, but definitely not more important than the physical impact of a missing tooth. If you make the decision to leave a gap in your smile, you will suffer the consequences of that for many years to come. Over time, the rest of your teeth with shift and come out of alignment, which can lead to more serious problems.

On top of that, if you never come into the office for a lost adult tooth, we will never know what caused the tooth to come out in the first place, and you could soon lose even more of your teeth due to the spread of infection or decay!

How to Replace a Missing Tooth

We hope you are convinced that a dental restoration is definitely in your best interest for both psychological and physical reasons! Now it’s time to look at ways to get that dental restoration. We have two very popular restoration options for you to consider: the bridge and the dental implant. Let’s take a look at both!

A CEREC Bridge
A dental bridge is a dental appliance that contains two crowns with a pontic (false) tooth in the middle. The idea behind a bridge is that we can put crowns on the two teeth adjacent to the gap so that the pontic rests in the middle where the missing tooth once stood. The crowns will be bonded to the healthy teeth, which should hold the bridge in place. With CEREC technology, we can craft this bridge in a single appointment so that you have very little time missing a tooth!

The only trouble with a bridge is that it isn’t completely permanent, and it doesn’t replace the ENTIRE tooth. You can expect your bridge to be good for 15-20 years, but chances are pretty good that it will need to be repaired or replaced. And it only fills the gap. It doesn’t actually restore the root of your tooth, which is needed to keep your jawbone healthy and in place.

A Permanent Dental Implant
Your second option is a dental implant. Unlike the bridge, an implant is completely self-sufficient. We simply place the titanium root in your jawbone and give it some time to fuse with your natural bone. Once that is complete, we will attach a beautiful crown to the top of the implant to completely restore your missing tooth.

An implant isn’t perfect for all patients. Some patients are concerned with the cost, and others are very nervous about the placement process. We tell our patients the same thing: this is the one and only permanent restoration on the market. We believe it is worth every penny and anxious moment because we know how completely and comfortably it restores a missing tooth!

Making the Best Decision for Your Smile

Ultimately, the decision is up to you! We help patients make this decision based on many different factors. We aren’t here to push you into something you aren’t interested in, but we are here to help you have the healthiest, happiest smile possible!

The bottom line is that leaving a gap in your smile is simply not an option.

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