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Families come first in Jacksonville, TX, and keeping your family healthy comes first for you. That is why a healthy oral hygiene routine is essential, as is choosing a high quality and dependable family dentist. From baby teeth to dentures, each member of your family has a different set of dental concerns and a unique personality. You need a dentist that can handle both, and make sure that your family leaves the dentist chair smiling.

At All Smiles, we love family dentistry. We make it our mission to ensure that each member of your family has a pleasant experience at our office, and that you are receiving top-notch dental care. Here are some things to consider when planning a healthy dental routine for your children.

When your children are young you must be sure to instil healthy oral hygiene habits in them so that they will have fewer dental problems when they are older. This is often easier said than done. It can be a hard job getting your kids to eat right and to brush and floss their teeth.

Things to avoid.

Candy and sweets are the obvious go-to for causing tooth decay. These treats are loaded with sugar, which feeds the bacteria that cause cavities. So, children should only enjoy sweets as a rare treat on a special occasion.

Raisins may seem like a sensible alternative to candy, but that is unfortunately not the case. these dried fruits are not only sugary, they are chewy and sticky. Sticky sugars are very hard to get off your teeth, which means the bacteria that causes decay has plenty of time to feed on the bits of raisin and turn the sugar into acid that will erode your child’s teeth.

Fruit Juice is another thing to avoid giving your children. Although fruit juice may contain healthy vitamins, fruit is meant to be eaten, not drank. Fruit contains healthy fiber, which helps your mouth produce saliva when you chew, and it helps your body to process the sugar in the fruit. When you give your child fruit juice, you are giving them all of the sugar and acid with none of the healthy fiber.

Make brushing fun.

Playing a song while they brush is a good way to get your kids excited about dental care. Choose an upbeat song that’s a couple of minutes long, so you will know your kids are brushing long enough.

Pretend time is another good way to make brushing fun. Have your kids brush like their favorite animal, or you could tell them a fantastic story while they brush to keep them focused.

Get involved with your children’s brushing habits and they will learn to love healthy oral hygiene. Making brushing a family event will show your kids how important home dental care habits are, and they will be more likely to stick to these habits as they grow up.

Regular cleanings and examinations.

Every member of your family needs to come to our Jacksonville office for regular cleanings and examinations, but it is especially important for children. Many people grow up to be afraid of the dentist and experience a large amount of stress and anxiety when visiting the dentist. Bringing your children to the dentist often when they are young can stop this from happening.

Also, since children lose teeth and have new ones come in, there is always the chance they could develop alignment issues. Regular examinations will allow us to keep an eye on your children’s teeth, so that any problems can be addressed as soon as possible.


Little kids are known to play hard, and accidents are bound to happen. Broken and knocked out teeth, as well as soft tissue damage, can the result of a sports injury or just an unlucky tumble.

Be prepared for by keeping a dental emergency kit on hand. Make sure it has some sterile gauzes, a small container, and some pain reliever in it. Also, keep a card with the number to our office on it, so you don’t have to waste any time looking for it in an emergency.

Bring the Rest of the Family

There is no doubt that you want a beautiful and healthy smile for your children, and at All Smiles, we want to help you. But don’t forget that we provide quality dental care for every member of your family.

Maybe you have a teen with alignment issues. Invisalign invisible braces could be just the thing to get their teeth in line without the trouble of wire braces.

Maybe Dad has stained his teeth with too much coffee. Our Zoom whitening, either in-office or at home, can get his smile shining bright again.

Does Mom have a toothache? A root canal can repair a damaged tooth without having to replace it, so she can keep her natural teeth longer.

Are Grandma’s dentures slipping? Maybe it’s time to consider implants to give her the look and functionality of real teeth.

Whatever your family needs, All Smiles in Jacksonville can provide it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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