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Confidence is the key. Whatever you want out of life, a strong dose of healthy self-confidence will pave the way to getting it. Some people just seem to exude confidence naturally. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but something about them makes them seem as if they are in charge of their lives and moving quickly down the road to success.

It’s their smile.

Nothing says confidence like a big, bright smile full of white teeth. All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX provides quality cosmetic dentistry that can whiten and restore a smile that has lost its luster.

Professional Success

When you think of the skills and assets necessary for a successful career, you probably think of things like a college degree, continuing education, a strong work ethic, and professional contacts. Did a beautiful smile even cross your mind? If not, you may be missing out on one the simplest, yet most important aspects of interpersonal communication.

Greeting clients and co-workers with a bright and healthy smile projects confidence, which is what people are looking for in a leader. This confidence promotes trust, and trust opens peoples ears and minds to what you have to say. It doesn’t matter how innovative and pioneering your ideas are if no one wants to hear them. You have to make the want to hear them by engaging them with an air of confidence.

That starts with your smile!

Here at All Smiles we offer quality cosmetic dentistry that will instill your smile with the confidence you need to succeed.

Meeting People and Having Fun

Of course there is more to gain from a confident smile than professional success. Your personal life stands to gain a lot from bright, stain-free teeth, as well. Often, the first thing a new person will notice about you is your smile, or lack thereof.

If you avoid smiling because you are not happy with the way your teeth look, you may be sending off the wrong message. In fact, showing your teeth with a smile is one of the most basic ways to express joy and happiness. This is universal across cultures all over the world!

You will get more out of social engagements if you are not worrying about how your teeth look. Simply put, you can have more fun! At All Smiles we can help you stop worrying about your smile by offering a tooth whitening program that works for you.

Foods to Avoid

Unfortunately, some of the foods and drinks you love may be staining your teeth. So, take care to moderate your consumption of these foods.


That morning jolt of caffeine sure is nice, and that afternoon pick-me-up can be a big help. Coffee is a staple of most Americans’ diets, and it does have some health benefits, especially if you take it black without sugar. However, coffee can do a real number on your smile, significantly dimming your teeth.

Red Wine

Many doctors are now recommending a glass of red wine a day to help prevent heart disease, and health benefits aside, red wine is known to enhance the flavor of various types of food. But get a drop on your white dress and you’ll know the staining power of red wine. Your teeth are just as vulnerable to staining as your clothes are. So, keep that in mind the next time you are making a toast with a glass of pinot noir.

Dark Fruits and Vegetables

Blueberries and beets are natural antioxidants that offer a variety of health benefits. But their dark colored juices can stain your teeth. So don’t let otherwise healthy eating habits ruin your smile and shatter your confidence. Visit All Smiles in Jacksonville TX for regular cleanings and examinations to keep your smile safe from the staining power of food.

No Tobacco

It should go without saying that tobacco use is not a good idea. Beside the host of health problems associated with smoking, dipping, and chewing tobacco, it is one of the worst tooth stainers out there out! In fact, there is probably nothing worse for your smile than this.

The best bet for your teeth is not to use tobacco, but if you do, come to our office and we will suggest a plan to keep your smile bright.

How We Can Help

At All Smiles we understand the importance of a healthy and confident smile. That is why we offer cosmetic dentistry services to counter the effects of stained teeth.

The Zoom tooth whitening process is a safe and quick way to restore the shine to your teeth, and it is much safer and more effective that over-the-counter whiteners.


When you come into our office for your Zoom teeth whitening, it will be performed by an experience professional. One of the major risks of over-the-counter whiteners is that you will use too much, which could damage your teeth and gums, and be harmful to the health of your mouth.


The Zoom whitening process can be administered in one office visit. We will prepare whitening trays with just the right amount of bleaching solution to be placed over your teeth. We will then use the Zoom lamp to intensify and speed up the whitening. The whole process is usually complete in about one hour!

The Take-Home Option

If it is more convenient for you, we can prepare your whitening trays for home use. This process is not as fast as the in-office treatment, but it is just as easy and safe.

Give Us a Call

All Smiles offers convenient hours to fit your busy schedule. We are even open on Friday! So there is no reason to be less than confident about your smile. Call us today to make an appointment to schedule your Zoom tooth whitening.

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