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Toothaches can ruin your day. They can make it hard to focus and disrupt your sleeping, working, and eating routine. Toothaches and other dental emergencies are upsetting because you may not know what to do.

At All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX, we want to be the first call you make if you’re having a dental emergency. You know to call 911 for medical emergencies, or Triple A for auto emergencies. Add our number to the list so you know exactly what to do if you’re having a dental emergency. You can reach our office at 903-625-9297.

We’re proud to offer emergency dentist appointments in Jacksonville, TX. We can often see you for emergencies on the same-day you call our office! For new patients, or people who don’t have a family dentist, we offer a $1 emergency exam. For just a single dollar, will examine your teeth and take any necessary x-rays. We can then provide you with advice on what treatments you may need.

The sooner you call us for a dental emergency, the better! Postponing necessary dental work can lead to serious complications, turning a small problem into a much larger one. Getting the dental work you need as possible can save you time and money.

Consider a toothache as an example. It might be tempting to just hope the toothache goes away after taking some Advil. But toothaches are often caused by an infection in your tooth! If we can catch a toothache early enough, we can generally remove it. But if the infection is allowed to spread, we may have to remove the infected tooth!

So you should always call All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX at 903-625-9297 if you’re having an emergency. But there’s a few things you should keep in mind if you’re experiencing a dental emergency. If you’re having a dental emergency that is life-threatening, you should call 911. But otherwise, read on for a few helpful tips.

Relief for a Toothache

A dental exam can located the source of your toothache. Most toothaches are caused by tooth decay, infections, broken teeth, or impacted wisdom teeth. Injuries to your gums can also lead to toothaches. Call our office at 903-625-9297 so we can determine the cause of your toothache.

We recommend taking an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Advil or Motrin to alleviate your pain. You’ll want to avoid products containing aspirin as it can thin your blood. Try applying a cold compress if there’s any swelling. Gargling water can also help relieve pain associated with a toothache.

What To Do If a Tooth Has Been Knocked-Out or Broken

If you’ve had a tooth knocked-out, try and save the tooth. We might be able to restore it once you get to our office. Avoid touching the root of the tooth, and always leave any tissue material attached to the tooth. Store the tooth in a milk or a product called Save-A-Tooth until you can get to our office.

If the tooth is broken, save any fragments of the tooth that you can. If you are bleeding, apply medical gauze to the wound. A cotton ball can also be used if gauze is not available. You’ll also want to cover any sharp remnants of the tooth to prevent them from cutting the inside of your mouth.Take an aspirin-free painkiller to alleviate any pain

What To Do If a Dental Restoration Falls Out

Having a filling, crown, or dental bridge fall-out can be frightening. But we generally put them back into place pretty quickly. Save a loose crown or dental bridge if they fall-out, because we can often sanitize them and bond them back into place. (Most fillings cannot be reused, unless they are constructed out of metal or porcelain.)

You may want to use over-the-counter dental cement to try and place the restoration back in place temporarily. Never use super glue or any adhesive that’s not intended for intraoral use!

Make An Appointment

If you’re having a dental emergency, call the caring staff at All Smiles in Jacksonville, TX. For new patients, we offer a $1 emergency exam. We will examine your teeth and take any necessary x-rays. We can then provide you with advice on what treatments you may need. Call our office at 903-625-9297.

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